Anubis Padilla – Retired Spring 2020

“I can make it to the fence in 1.3 seconds. How fast can you run?”

– Anubis


International CH Imperator Iran di Altobella

Date of Birth: April 20, 2018

AKC#: WS61256203

Sire: Daynamic Morres Moreno

Dam: Daynamic Lola Moreno

Anubis is 100% European, which means he is taller than his American counterparts. He has several champions in his bloodline, including International CH Imperator Iran di Altobella, pictured above, and International CH RIO OD Stevanovica. While Anubis himself is not yet a champion, he’s got the lines of his forefathers and he’s passing them on to his progeny.

“Ourhouse is protected by the Good Lord, a Doberman, a gun. Come on in uninvited, and you can meet all three!”

The Birklines


**Anubis is also negative for Brucellosis, a canine STD.

Please note: Brucellosis is a disease, and is not genetically related.

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While this Egyptian god has the jackal’s striking profile, he doesn’t spend his spare time mummifying his enemies. He bears the strength and vitality attributed to the god and is laser focused when it comes to protecting his favorite human.

After defending her from an attack while jogging with her, he takes his role as Head of Security very seriously.

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