Birkline’s Cyrus

“When you have had a taste of excellence, you cannot go back to mediocrity.”

– Maximilian Degeneres


Date of Birth: August 31, 2022

AKC#: WS78182501

Sire: Jackson’s Ace vom Haus Baris

Dam: Harley Quinn Birkline

Cyrus is part of the A1b maternal haplogroup. Maternal lineage was very likely one of the original lineages in the wolves that were first domesticated into dogs in Central Asia about 15,000 years ago. Since then, the lineage has been very successful and travelled the globe! By the end of the Bronze Age, it became exceedingly common in Europe.

Paternally, his hapolgroup was probably quite rare. But, a couple hundred years ago it seems to have found its way into a prized male guard dog in Europe who had many offspring including Doberman Pinchers, Despite being rare, many of the most imposing dogs on Earth have it; strangely, so do many Pomeranians! This lineage is most commonly found in working dogs, in particular guard dogs.

Health & Genetics


This 10 month old boy is incredible. He’s playful and sweet with basic training that shines through. He’s not your average teenage Doberman. With a goofy edge, this boy emerges every morning with an appetite for adventure, human interaction, and contagious joy we can’t get enough of.

He wants to be loved and doted on by his Mom and played with by his Dad. This lucky young man lacked for nothing and displays confidence in each move he makes.

Still a puppy in some ways, he’s still learning where to direct his typical adolescent surges of energy, but with another loving, consistent home, Cyrus will grow to be an irreplaceable member of the family.


Cyrus was born adopted at 9 weeks and was hand-fed [literally] by his new mom, who mixed fresh chicken with every meal. While there was no tangible need for these , he consequently grew very close to his mom. Dad worked with his trainer, played with him every day. This dog exhibits clear signs of suffering only love and affection, training and unrivaled healthcare.

He did contract a staph infection in his ears that prevented immediate posting, a STELLAR decision by his family. Consequently, Cyrus has a unique ability to both erect his ears when he wants to and also to allow them to relax forward. Most Dobermans have the ability to relax them to the rear, while Cyrus reserves the ability to relax them in multiple directions.

Upon his return, he immediately converted to eating his kibble out of a bowl, surprisingly, without any resistance.

$$ 3000.00 $$

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“To measure the man, measure the heart.”

-Malcolm S. Forbes

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