Jackson’s Ace Vom Haus Baris

“Okay, but hugs first.”

– Ace


Date of Birth: 05/20/2018

AKC#: WS61330101

Sire: Viktor the Impaler of Vlad

Dam: Multi CH Celebrity Vom Haus Liopiris

Ace is 100% European Doberman, Perfectly proportioned, he brings with him OVER 25 CHAMPIONS in his three generation pedigree. His pedigree boasts champions from Russia, Sweden, Slavakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Byelorussia, Italy, Yugoslavia, and more! At 27″, he is tall, dark, and incredibly handsome.



Ace’s personality alone would be worth passing on even if he were not genetically superior. He’s a gentle giant bent on physical hugs, constant touch, and words of praise. Driven to please, Ace’s training shines through.

He takes love seriously and himself with a grain of salt. He’s a pleasant blend of serious and goofy, making him a well-rounded stud complimentary for any dam.

Given his incredible temperament and his peace-making nature, he’s already in training to be a PTSD service dog!

Available to Stand for Stud!