Phorcys (M) – Yellow Collar

Phorcys (M) – Yellow Collar

Strong and final born in his family, Phorcys insists that anyone who followed after Athena would look small. Though not the largest in the litter, he’s set on catching up the healthy way. Prefers quality over quantity unless it comes to food and then he wants both. He’s always on time to dinner and stays for dessert.

Phorcys’ Bucket List:

  • Fly to Germany to see the “Homeland”
  • Achieve an obedience title
  • Have at least one rawhide every week
  • Learn to dock dive
  • Taste shark
  • Snow ski in Colorado


Multi. Champions


16th of May 2022


83.5% Euro 16.5% Amer

Every Birkline Doberman gets a full-scale genetic health and trait test. Click below to see results!

Puppy Aptitude Test Results

This sweet boy is an incredible guy. A personal favorite, Phorcys loves to give and receive love. He is adventurous and energetic, gives lots of kisses and cuddles when held. He’s going to do well in just about any family; best suited for non-aggressive work or full time play.

The Puppy Aptitude Test measures social attraction, social dominance, sound and touch sensitivity, willingness to work, and confidence.

Fish-tailed. Father. Husband.

In Greek mythology, Phorcys is a primordial sea god, generally cited (first in Hesiod) as the son of Pontus and Gaia (Earth). According to the Orphic hymns, Phorcys, Cronus and Rhea were the eldest offspring of Oceanus and Tethys. His wife was Ceto, and he is most notable in myth for fathering by Ceto a host of monstrous children

  • Early Scent Introduction (Avidog Program)
  • Early Neurological Stimulation (BioSensor Program)
  • Full Embark Panel (175+ Genetic Health Tests) Results – Entire Litter Tested
    • Includes von Willebrand’s Disease, Degenerative Myelopathy, and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (PDK4 & DCM2), and MANY more
  • Pre-Exposed Broad Range of Socialization & Critical Experiences
  • Early Training Cornerstones
    • From handling exercises and resource guarding prevention to standard obedience, Birkline Dobermans receive revolutionary cornerstone basics, encouraging the healthiest development of both people skills & social skills
  • Puppy Aptitude Test Results (tested on day 43 of life)
  • Tails Docked – Show Length
  • Dewclaws Removed
  • Ears Cropped Med-Long*
  • Pre-Paid Limited Registration**
  • Microchip Implantation and Activation
  • Immunizations Up to Date
  • De-wormed from age 2 weeks through until departure
  • Heartworm, Flea, and Intestinal Worm Preventative starting 8 weeks
  • 30 Days Pet Insurance
  • Gift Bag with toys, paw towel, food, chews, potty training booklet, additional literature, etc.
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