Birkline’s Bentley Raymond

Bentley’s Info

Bentley was born into The Kennel Birkline, into Samary’s hands. He is an outside sire, owned by Miss Amanda Raymond, a growing partner of The Kennel.

Sire: Ruff and Tough Tyson

Dam: Harley Quinn Birkline

vWD: clear

DM: clear

DCM1: clear

DCM2: carrier

DINGS: clear

COI: 30%

Bentley is 83.5% European and has dominant BBDD genes. This means he will only ever have black and tan puppies, no matter his mate’s genetics.

He’s a goofy, sweet boy, intent on playtime and couch lounging. He loves reaching his top speed, somewhere in between deer bound and greyhound.

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