Birkline Dams

Each of our dams is genetically tested and will undergo a personality screening before earning the position of Birkline dam. All our dogs are house dogs, sleeping in our home, playing with our children; a part of our family. Each one is trained intimately and is expected to compete in canine sports or enter therapy training. All our up and coming dams are working on their sports or therapy titles/certifications.

Shamrock’s Bella Donna

The gentlest, sweetest Doberman to ever grace the Earth, Bella could teach the best of us how to worship. She loves her humans and all that matters are cuddles. Surprising us when she speaks up at all, Bella was the omega of her litter. After learning humans really were the best thing since sliced liver, Bella opened her heart and swallowed us up.


Birkline’s Cindi Moon Silk Jackson

From [Five Star] Jackson’s Kennel in Mitchell, Indiana we are proud to present Silk! She’s just over 50% European; the daughter of INT CH Grannus di Regis Cane aka Legend. Born in November of 2020, we’re excited to have her with us. We expect she’ll do extremely well in the show ring and look forward to what she can teach us.


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Coming Soon!

Despite several false starts, we still hope to obtain a gorgeous full European girl to IPO. Delayed to 2022, we expect this girl to bring drive and confirmation to our expanding kennel.


Harley Quinn Birkline

True to her name, Harley thinks she’s a member of a rouge squad of supervillans. Gentle at heart, she bluffs the neighbors into believing she’s a real attack dog. But behind closed doors, she sucks her security blanket and above all else just needs her daddy’s approval. Works on her titling when she’s not protecting us from growing grass.


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Birkline’s Natalia Alianova Romanova

(Profile Page Under Construction!!)

Our 100% European girl, Nati is Chimera’s half-sister, sharing a father. Born May 27th, 2021, Nati is out of Tyson and Duchess. Fierce and friendly both, this young lady carries personality in a duffel bag and is never found without it.


Birkline’s Look at Me Chimera

Born Fall of 2020, Chimera was chosen for her flawless disposition, her sound confirmation and her genetic diversity. In time and with the right male, Chimera will be able to throw all four colors. By blood she’s 50/50, but her European side shines through in her appearance. Destined for agility and possibly IPO competition, Mera’s that mystical blend that comes once in a lifetime.


Coming Soon!

From Jackson’s Kennel, we are looking forward to a 100% European red female from “Echo” and “Legend” Half sister to Silk, we expect this girl to rock our worlds and turn heads effortlessly. Expected to throw black and red pups, she’ll pair with only the best!


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