Birkline Sires

Each of our sires is genetically tested and undergo a personality screening before earning the position of Birkline stud. All our studs are house dogs, sleeping in our home, playing with our children; a part of a family. Each one is trained intimately and is expected to compete in canine sports or enter therapy training.

Jackson’s Ace Vom Haus Baris

From Indiana’s Jackson’s Kennel, we are thrilled to welcome Jackson’s Ace Vom Haus Baris. Boasting 25 champions in over 5 countries in just three generations, Ace brings combines nearly flawless structure with squeaky clean genetics, resulting in one very rare stud. Ace is completely clear of Dings, DCM (both 1&2), DM, and vWD, making him an incredible choice for almost any pairing. If paired with the right dam, our Ace has the ability to have pups of all four AKC accepted colors: Black, Red, Blue, and Fawn.

Birkline’s Wreak Havok

Handpicked from a collaboration with Texas Sized Dobies, Havok is a promising young stud. At 91% European, his work drive is already shining through. He’s measured sass and unbridled fun wrapped up in a tiny raptor-suit. He’ll grow up soon. The needle-teeth will disappear soon and before we know it we’ll see little Havok’s running around. He’s completely clean of 175+ genetically inherited traits, including Dings, DCM (both 1&2), DM, and vWD. He’s a BbDD, which means he’ll throw only blacks and reds if paired with even a diluted girl.

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