Greetings from The Kennel Birkline!

Step One: Fill Out the Questionnaire

Step Two: Breeder/Client Communication

Step Three: Fill out Application

Step Four: Breeder Vetting and Approval

Step Five: Deposit Contract Execution

Step Six: Deposit $812.50 (Holds place on claims list)

Step Seven: Puppy Selection (7th week**)

Step Eight: Contract Execution (8 weeks old)

Step Nine: Settle Balance

Step Ten: Puppy Pick Up/Transfer

*deposit may vary

**selection day may vary

Step One is answering the below simple questionnaire about the kind of puppy you want and the type of home you live in for quick pre-application introduction.

Step Two is a quick information email with basic information. We’ll answer any questions by email, Messenger, call or texting.

Step Three, after determining that a Doberman Birkline could be a fit, you’ll fill out an application.

Step Four is breeder vetting. You may need to send a copy of your driver’s license (or other valid US ID) for breeder vetting, via a simple criminal background check.

The Kennel Birkline is deeply committed to ensuring the safety and lifetime well-being of our puppies. Having had close a call with selling to an animal abuser in the recent past, we now run background checks on our perspective clients.

We bear the cost of the background check and we are ONLY concerned with animal abuse, negligence or cruelty, or violent crime. This will not affect your credit and we are unconcerned about other types of crime; only the kind of crime that might severely affect the life of a Birkline Doberman. Abuse towards the breeder will result in revocation of approval without the return of deposit funds.

Step Five is completing the deposit contract.

Step Six is putting down 25% of the adoption fee as a deposit, usually $812.50, cash, Zelle, Debit, Credit, Venmo, or via cryptocurrency. We do not accept PayPal.

Step Seven is the assignment/selection of the puppies, usually during the seventh week of their lives.

Step Eight is final contract execution.

Step Nine is settling the remaining balance, paid by cash, Zelle, Debit, Credit, Venmo, or via cryptocurrency. We do not accept PayPal.

Step Ten is the pick up or transfer of your puppy.

***Please note the transfer is an additional $550-$800 USD for the contiguous United States. (Usually $550-$650 with TLC Flight Nanny)

***The Kennel Birkline does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, gender, or religion.

***The Kennel Birkline reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone.

(713) 303 7390 call or text

$3,250.00 All-Inclusive

  • Early Scent Introduction (Avidog Program)
  • Early Neurological Stimulation (BioSensor Program)
  • Full Embark Panel (175+ Genetic Health Tests) Results – Entire Litter Tested
    • Includes von Willebrand’s Disease, Degenerative Myelopathy, and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (PDK4 & DCM2), and MANY more
  • Pre-Exposed Broad Range of Socialization & Critical Experiences
  • Early Training Cornerstones
    • From handling exercises and resource guarding prevention to standard obedience, Birkline Dobermans receive revolutionary cornerstone basics, encouraging the healthiest development of both people skills & social skills
  • Puppy Aptitude Test Results (tested on day 43 of life)
  • Tails Docked – Show Length
  • Dewclaws Removed
  • Ears Cropped Medium*
  • Pre-Paid Limited Registration**
  • Microchip Implantation and Activation
  • Immunizations Up to Date
  • De-wormed from age 2 weeks through until departure
  • Heartworm, Flea, Tick, and Intestinal Worm Preventative
  • 30 Days Pet Insurance through Trupanion
  • Gift Bag with toys, paw towel, food, chews, potty training booklet, additional literature, etc.
  • Transportation not included in the above quote, but is available
    • Delivery to contiguous 48 US States averages $675- $800 additional
    • Delivery to Hawaii, Alaska, The Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico $1000+.

*alternative crop lengths available with full pre-pay

**please inquire for other registration options

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