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Birkline Beauties All Grown Up!

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They Grow Up So Fast!

“There are three faithful friends: an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.”

-Benjamin Franklin


Chandler, Oklahoma
Rhapsody, 9 months
Rhapsody, 6 weeks


Houston, Texas
Bentley, 9 months
Bentley, 9 months
Bentley, 7 Weeks


Houston, Texas
Spike, 6 Months
Spike, 7 Weeks


Orange, CA
Kuma, 6 weeks
Kuma, 6 months

“Chimera” A TKB Dam

Houston, Texas
Chimera 4 weeks
Chimera, 8 weeks
Chimera, 7 months

“Gentleman Ghost” aka “Gaige”

Jersey Village, Texas
Gaige, 7 Weeks

Gaige, Age 6 months


Findlay , Ohio
Bane, 5 weeks
Bane, 8 weeks
Bane, 11 months
Bane 11 months


Dallas, Texas
Taz, 8 Weeks

Taz, Age 5 months


Santa Clara, California
Kai, 8 weeks

Kai, 6 months


Owasso, Oklahoma
Ash, 7 weeks
Ash, 6 months


Humble, Texas
Athena, 10 Weeks
Athena, 2 years


Cypress, Texas
Foxie , 12-14 Weeks

Foxie, Age 2 years


Beaumont, Texas
Allie, 10 Weeks
Allie, Age 2 years

“Bella” A TKB Dam

Houston, Texas
Bella, 8 Weeks
Bella, Age 4 years

“Harley” A TKB Dam

Houston, Texas
Harley, 8 weeks
Harley, 1 Year